Tuesday, November 6, 2007

If I Had a Nickel, I'd Have a Nickel.

They say this place is like the soft-ball stage
With a low burning point for my marshmallow legs
But I'm going down with the hard-crack ways
Of the hard-boiled eggs in this soft-ball place.
The nightmare is this:
I forget one day that I actually have a brain
and that I even used it one day.
But don't ask me what for, because I really can't say
It must have begun in an innocent way
with me "click click click clicking" my braincells away.
This is success? Well that's what they say.
But in my book at least, it comes down to pay.
And the pay off for me living life your way
is that one day
I'll wake up with a bank account bursting at the seams
at the expense of the threads of my life unwound in streams.
But what have we really created?
At the end of the day,
A high IPO and a merger that may
unwind more threads that join the fray
of the soon to be ocean of stones in gray.

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